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Tree Stump Fire Pit

                                                                  TAKING ORDERS: CURRENT BACKLOG IS 3 WEEKS
   We find tree stumps with character and bring them to a new life as a backyard fire pit.
    Inside each stump is our double wall stainless steel fire pit liner made from  Type 409 or 304 stainless steel.
              *Ships on a pallet LTL Freight.
              * Bowl size diameter 24" 26" 26" 28" 30"  x 8" 10" 12" Deep.



                                                        FOR MORE INFORMATION CALL BRUCE   PHONE 763-438-0356
  25"-26" Dia x 8" Deep x 5" Flange  Fire Pit Bowl. Tree Stump Cookie will measure approx 36" Dia x 14" Deep.
 The fire pit liner is made from type 409 Stainless Steel x 10 Gauge Thick material. 10 Ga measures between 3/16" and 1/8" thick.
                  $899.00 Plus $249.00 LTL Freight.
                       I build the fire pit  and fire pit spark screens,Both have a  life time warranty. The tree stump is built by God and he must warranty it.

                                    Stainless Steel Fire Bowl                                                                                Optional Swing Away Grills


                                            Stainless Steel Flat Folding Cover                           Hi Temp Bronze Hammer Finish Conical 6" Tall Snuff Cover

                                          Stainless Steel Double Hinge Door "Closed"Screen                          Stainless Steel Double Hinge Door "Open "Screen

           Cemter Pivot Spark Screen "Open"                                    Center Pivot Park Screen"Closed"                              Stainless Steel Conical 6" Tall Snuff Cover


                                                                       Tree Stump Pellet Fire Pit                                         Many Diameters and Depths.                                        Wood Fired Tree Stump Pizza Oven
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